Shipping Policy

Once you finish the payment, a Confirmation email will automatically be sent to your email address within 6 hours confirming your Order # and purchase details.

If you do not receive our confirmation email during this time, please contact us via to get more information.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation is approved within the first 6 hours of purchasing time and we can only give you a refund of 90% of the order’s value. Please be informed that a management, processing and transaction fee ( 10% of your total order value ) will be applied for the cancellation. After 6 hours , your order will be automatically archived and sent to the warehouse for the process of stocking, packaging, and shipment. No one can cancel your order once it is being processed already.

In case the customer makes a cancellation request after 6 hours within the same day they purchase, only 70% of the order’s value will be refunded as your order has been processed, the rest is for labor costs, material costs and packaging fees.

Full refund only applies for cancellation within 1 hour and switching orders. Once you place new orders, our system will automatically cancel old orders and refund 100%. Please inform us via email when you have switching orders.

How to change the information of my order?

If you realize you have made an error in shipping address or purchasing, simply e-mail us as soon as possible. We will support you to correct the information.

Please be noted that: we can only change your order information within 48 hours.

Please check the order confirmation email which is sent to you right after your order is placed to check all the information.

When do I get the tracking number?

All orders are handled and shipped out from our warehouse in Asia. Please allow extra time for your order to be processed during holidays and sale seasons.

Normally, the in-store process for the stock and packaging will take about 3-5 business days . Then, once your order is ready for the shipment, the tracking will be available and sent to you. It may take 5-7 following days for your tracking status to be updated on the carrier’s system and go online.

Your order will mainly be shipped by our shipping agency including USPS and we will choose the shipping carrier based on the address you provided to have the shortest shipping time.

Please contact us if you do not receive tracking confirmation after the promised time frame from the day you completed your payment via email address

If we are unable to process your order due to inaccurate or incomplete payment or incorrect address information, your order processing may be delayed.

Product origins is an ecommerce global company that always strikes to bring the best quality at an affordable price by selecting the high quality ingredients and materials in many countries (including Europe, Asia, America, etc) with the manufacture systems based in Southeast Asia and delivering items via our partnership with USPS and some of the other partners.

How can I check my package?

Once your order has shipped, we will send you a Shipping Update email with your tracking number. Your order will be shipped via our shipping company to the US and delivered by USPS.

To track your package, please use the tracking number provided and track your order via the link :

How long can I get my item?

Due to some problems during international transportation, such as holidays, customs, and weather delays, and the Covid-19 pandemic, we can only offer an estimate of shipping times. If any of these above scenarios occur with your package we promise to keep you well informed with as much information that is available to us.

Then the estimated delivery date is calculated with the formula below:

Estimated Delivery Date = 3-5 business days for stocking + Estimated shipping time (chart below)


Commitment processing time

Commitment delivery time

Commitment time frame

North America region (excluded Mexico)

3-5 days

10-20 days

15-25 days

Europe & UK

3-5 days

15-25 days

20-30 days

Australia, New Zealand, Chile and other regions

3-5 days

15-25 days

20-30 days

You can receive your order on time or before the Estimated Delivery Date.

For items that ship from our Asia warehouse, there’s typically a delay in tracking information being updated from the time the package enters the head office of a partner shipping agency to the time it’s processed at USPS facilities in the US. It may take 5-7 following days for your tracking status to be updated on the carrier’s system and go online.

Shipping Guarantee

To back up our commitment and promise to you we will refund the cost of shipping (or give a partial refund if shipping was free) on any item that takes longer than the following time frames to arrive at your destination.

• USA (Mainland): 40 days

• USA (Other): 45 days

• Canada: 40 days

• Australia: 40 days

• New Zealand: 40 days

• UK: 45 days

• Rest of World: 60 days

Risk of shopping fee

If there’s a missing order, please let us know via We’ll investigate (it usually takes 3-5 business days) and inform you after we get a conclusion. Normally, we will arrange the replacement or issue a refund in this case.

Wrong address disclaimer

The most important thing impacting the success of a shipment is the shipping address. We would like to make sure that your shipping address is sufficient and valid or, at least, findable in the google Map so there will be some note in the shipping address that you have to enter:

– The exact house or apartment number or PO box which can be identified by Google Map that you live in or would like the package to be shipped to.

– If you live in a Department, make sure to write exactly its name or number.

– Please notice that your zip code number is very important. If there is any wrong number in your zip code, we cannot ship your order to your nearest post office.

Important : When the package has started its route to you, we are unable to change your address anymore. However, as soon as you realize that the address you provided was wrong, you may contact us via email for further support.

To reduce the shipping cost as much as possible, we use the one-way shipping service so if the package is returned to the sender, even if the tracking update shows the “delivered to original sender” it does not mean the package was returned back to our warehouse address but our shipping agency storage.

Besides, we also do not take any responsibility in some situation such as:

– The customer refuses to accept the package

– Number of attempts is made in the country of destination to deliver the package.

– You state that you have not received the package but the tracking update shows that the package was successfully delivered or showing the “delivered” status.

We reserve the right to abandon the package(s) and will not be responsible for any refund.

Once you place the wrong address, there is no chance to fix it as the item has been shipped out and it is out of control. Please keep an eye on your order, follow it via the tracking link provided and when they reach the local post office, kindly contact them to ask them to help you further or pick your order up.